Stand out by focusing on the coherence of your branding and think about the overall dressing of your material. 

Whether it is equipment for customer use such as petrol pumps, bins, fire extinguishers or paper dispensers, their personalisation will demonstrate the professionalism of your company. You will be more visible, more recognised, and become the natural choice of your customers and prospects.

Go even further by designing the dressing of your vehicle fleet for customised communication that suits you.

Call on our experienced teams who will provide the right advice, offer you innovative solutions and set up an action plan for your communication.

Facade covering

Are you planning to create or renovate a facade? We can enhance it with our wide range of coatings, as resistant as they are easy to maintain, allowing you to express your imagination and originality without limit.

Canopy covering

Improve the visibility of your brand with your customers by embellishing the appearance of your service station canopy. The canopy covering allows the placement of illuminated signs with a strip of LEDs. It is made of resistant materials allowing easy maintenance.

Pump dressing

Customise your fuel pumps with your brand’s colours. Repainted or dressed in vinyl, they offer your brand consistency and comply with applicable standards. Enhance product information, safety instructions and the quality of your service.

Column dressing

We dress the columns in your brand’s colours and provide you all the material you need to offer your customers: Enhance equipment such as rubbish bins, fire extinguishers, paper dispensers and all your signage.

Window dressing

Your window is an essential communication space. Our tailor-made printing services provide you with stickers for all your needs. We also create decor to highlight promotions, events and news while guaranteeing quality placement.

Vehicle dressing

Your vehicle is a unique communication medium. It guarantees your visibility over a large area and enhances your brand. We dress your car according to your graphic charter using stickers that are both ultra resistant and respectful of the bodywork.

Vehicle wrapping

Your vehicle serves your brand. With a full package, you leave a durable impact on your customers and prospects. Our team ensures a complete quality covering, perfect finishes and long lasting resistance for any type of car.


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