All our efforts are focused on building strong collaboration! The secret ? Impeccable service and continuous support. We come to regret the end of some projects such the cooperation with our partners and the human relations with our customers are enjoyable and rewarding!
Peter Paelinck


Our environment influences our vision and our way of acting in the different spaces where we evolve. It’s in this state of mind, in this back and forth between observation and proposal, that we approach graphic design projects and offer original and personalized ideas.
Melissa De Coninck

Graphic Designer

We like to be pushed around and deal with major challenges! An initial concept must be able to develop and refine  while being based on solid technical knowledge. Our taste for detail and our proximity with the  companies, engineers and designers, allow us to achieve new challenges every day.

Technical Designer

You can count on the enthusiasm, the motivation and the flexibility of a whole team of specialists to achieve your goals in the best possible way. All welded by the same vision of the trade: to develop your company!

Project Manager


Do you want to boost the visibility of your brand? Our team of experts uses the most innovative manufacturing procedures available on the market to enable you to benefit from the highest quality of service.

We make a point of providing customized solutions for each of our customers rather than using the same plan for each project.

In order to reduce your costs and reduce manufacturing time, our in-house facilities include punching machines, bending machines, a paint booth, a welding area and an LED studio. The consistency of our production line is a major factor when it comes to quality.


We operate within the most stringent safety regulations to ensure the well-being of everyone. These regulations also apply to our customers, our partners and our employees.

We carry out a preliminary risk analysis – in particular, testing and evaluating machinery -, implementing safety procedures – by proposing the most suitable equipment for each type of work that is needed to be carried out – as well as continuous monitoring to ensure the operation runs smoothly.

Our attention to safety earned us a VCA** certificate in 2016 which is a major guarantee of quality, professionalism and reassurance.





We have our own teams of carriers and installers to ensure the smooth running of your site.

Experienced and respectful of the most stringent safety standards, they will adapt to your working environment, whatever the height of the building, the difficulty of access or the technical specifications for the site. Our teams work both in Belgium and abroad.

To carry out work on site, we have all the necessary construction equipment to ensure operations run smoothly including cranes, baskets, scaffolding, lifts and safety equipment.


In a constantly changing world, it is essential to offer strategies that take the latest marketing practices into account. So, we like to think “out of the box”.

By differentiating you from your competitors, these options give you the opportunity to have a strategy that will really set you apart. We are convinced that the visibility of your brand starts from here.

Our approach relies on our passionate team with a modern vision of the world. Their knowledge of the most innovative design and technical approaches will mean you can benefit from a marketing plan that perfectly presents your company’s image.


At Publisign, we are convinced that working together requires smooth project management in order to succeed. To ensure that everything goes to plan, we offer specialist services before, during and after the project, as well as a customized analysis to meet your company’s needs and requirements. Listening has always been our key priority. This is what guarantees the quality of our support.

This open approach to operations allows us to provide high quality services at the best prices. It also guarantees that your project will be delivered on time, in strict compliance with already defined standards.


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